Typical Day for a School Bus Driver

Even though being a school bus driver is usually a part-time job, it comes with full-time responsibility. Driving students to and from school is one primary part of the job, but there are several stages throughout a school bus driver’s day that happen when the bus has no passengers. Keep reading to learn the full schedule of a typical bus driver:


  • Clock in: Some drivers keep their buses at home and don’t have to worry about this step, but those who meet at a lot usually start the day by clocking in.


  • Inspections: The bus driver completes full inspections of the vehicle every day. They check the lights, tire pressure, doors, windshield wipers, fluid levels and brakes. They also check weather conditions to make sure it’s safe to make the trip.


  • Daily routes: This isn’t just about the driving itself. Sure, drivers need to focus to operate a 20,000-pound vehicle safely. They need to know the route, meet scheduled timetables, stay safe in traffic and more. In addition, however, they need to monitor the children and make sure no bullying or unsafe behavior is taking place. It starts when the driver picks everyone up. Regular interactions and relationship building happen between driver and students every day to keep kids feeling safe and willing to communicate.


  • Tasks between morning and afternoon: While many part-time drivers use the free time in their day for personal tasks or separate jobs, many choose to complete additional bus driving or other work for the school. This can include driving for field trips and sporting events, taking students to technical schools, working with school food service, helping as a teacher’s aide or completing janitorial work.


  • Return the bus: Also the clock-out process for those who need it, this is the part of the day when all the children have been dropped off, and the school bus is returned to its original location. At this point, the driver often completes required inspections, repair reports and cleaning to prepare the vehicle for its next trip.


  • Paperwork: Usually, school bus drivers complete regular paperwork about the routes they take. Many drivers use the end of their day for this paperwork, though specific standards and timelines vary by district.


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Now that you know what to expect about being a school bus driver, you can decide whether it’s the right career or part-time job for you. Though the day of a school bus driver includes a lot of work, most people decide perks like benefits, holidays, time off, connection with the community and more make the job worthwhile and meaningful. Contact us to learn about employment opportunities or to rent or buy a bus.