Why Being a School Bus Driver Is a Great Part-Time Job

During the job search, many people overlook the perks of being a school bus driver. If you like working with people and want a career with good benefits, training, flexibility, time off, holidays and more, a bus driving job would be a great option to consider for countless reasons.

Connection With the Local Community

School bus drivers get to interact daily with neighbors, friends, schoolchildren, parents, teachers and other integral members of the community and school system. If you choose a job driving buses, this will allow you to stay connected with not only the people, but also the places near where you live. You’ll have a chance to see the neighborhood and surrounding regions, as well as the people in them, day in and day out.

Bus Driver Flexibility

Driving a school bus comes with a flexible schedule, especially with part-time hours. Many drivers take their kids to school in the early morning, then pick them up and take them home at the end of the school day. This gives the drivers a chance to run errands, eat lunch, complete tasks for their personal life and more, right in the middle of their workday. Almost all school bus drivers enjoy this flexibility.

Holidays and Time off for Bus Drivers

School bus driving is seasonal in most districts, which means you can take summers off to relax. In addition, every holiday the students get to take off from school means you can take off from work. This opens up the opportunity for people in the profession to jump into other careers or hobbies during off time, making school bus driving one of the least restrictive careers out there.

Bus Driver Benefits

Benefits vary from job to job, but school bus drivers who work full- or even part-time are usually eligible for life, dental and health insurance. Retirement benefits are common as well, which is usually only the case for full-time employees in other fields.

Bus Driver Training

You only need a high school diploma or certificate of equivalency, commercial driver’s license and adequate hearing and vision to land a job as a school bus driver. Once you’ve received a job, you’ll be able to take advantage of training that greatly improves your driving both in and out of the bus. This will keep you and your passengers safe, whether you’re driving a bus or your personal vehicle. You’ll learn to put safety first, be patient with the kids, quickly respond to any issues, accurately manage routes and get to the school on time every day.

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