Student Safety Tips

Dress Smart
Wear bright colors so drivers can see you. Be careful with dangling strings or anything that could become caught on the bus handrail when getting on or off the bus.

Be at the bus stop early.
Always allow extra time in the morning so you don’t have to rush to the bus stop.

Don’t stand on the road
At your bus stop wait away from the road in a safe place. Watch traffic and stay away from strangers. Don’t horseplay with your friends at the bus stop.

Wait till the red lights of the bus come on
After the redlights of the bus come on, check traffic both ways before crossing. Make sure any approaching cars stop before crossing. Cars don’t always stop for the red lights.

Wait till the bus comes to a complete stop
Board the bus in a safe manner. Don’t shove or push. Sit down in your assigned seat as soon as you can. Standing or walking while the bus is in motion could result in you being injured.

Stay 10 steps or more in front of the bus
Make sure the bus driver can see you at all times. If you can’t see the bus driver’s face, he/she can’t see you. Walk at least 10 steps in front of the bus. Never walk behind the bus or near the wheels. If you drop an item, always tell the driver and retrieve it after the bus leaves. Never reach under the bus or bend down in front of the bus.

Keep your head and hands inside the bus
Never put your head or hands outside the bus. Do not throw items out the bus window or lean against the window.

Do not block the aisle
Pack your things in a book bag. Do not play with toys on the bus. Balls, yo-yos, etc, could fall and roll under the driver’s feet and/or pedals causing an accident. Keep your bag on your lap. You must keep the aisle clear at all times. Your parents must transport large items.

Stay in your assigned seat
When the bus is approaching your stop, get your items together and be ready to discharge promptly. For your own safety, stay in your seat till the bus comes to a full stop.

Do not bother the bus driver
The bus driver has a large responsibility and should not be distracted. Do not make loud, excessive noise. This may distract the driver and could result in an accident. You may talk quietly to the person sitting next to you. Please don’t yell.