CDL Testing & Training

CDLTestingAre you in need of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)? Rohrer Bus has you covered! We are a certified, third party CDL testing facility for the state of Pennsylvania. We also offer CDL and school bus certification and training programs to ensure you are the best and safest driver you can possibly be!

Certified Third Party CDL Testing Facility

Rohrer Bus is a third party commercial driver’s license skills testing facility for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This means that we are able to conduct the driving skills portion of your CDL test! If you are in need of a CDL test, or even CDL training, we can help. Just give the helpful experts in our  testing department a call to schedule your CDL test today! Drivers class A, B, and C commercial vehicles can test at Rohrer Bus by appointment. Contact our office at 866.735.7200 extension 249 to schedule your CDL test today!


School Bus Training

Not only are we certified to conduct your CDL school bus test test, we can train you to obtain your school bus driver’s license too! If you are someone who is interested in becoming part of the school bus driver program we can certainly assist you. We cover all training costs for any prospective employee of Rohrer Bus, however we will train employees of other companies for a fee. Regardless of your previous experience, our knowledgeable transportation professionals will be sure to extend the very best school bus training program!


What’s the CDL Process?

In Pennsylvania, applicants for a commercial driver’s license must follow a brief and manageable process, one that yields a valuable CDL that can open up new career opportunities. That process includes a permit application and a self-certification form that describes the type of transport you’re planning to engage in.

After your information is processed, you will receive a Knowledge Test Authorization that allows you to take the required knowledge exams (practice tests are available through the Pennsylvania Department of Motorized Vehicles). Once you take and pass the test, you will earn your learner’s permit. Use your learner’s permit to practice driving and pass a road skills test. Once you’ve passed your road skills test, you have earned your official CDL — a document that opens up a whole new world of career opportunities.

Expand Your Career Options

What can you do with a CDL? If you take the school bus CDL test, you can be a school bus driver. You can also use a CDL to serve as a transit bus driver, delivery driver or courier. A CDL can even be useful to gain a job in cement and concrete production, or as a mechanic, truck driver training instructor, terminal manager, dispatcher and more.

The great value in a CDL is that it gives you flexibility. Often the difference in getting a job or not getting a job is the certifications of the applicants. A CDL is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the job-seeking crowd and earn the position you’ve always wanted — doing something enjoyable and easy to love.

About Rohrer

At Rohrer Bus, we are Pennsylvania’s authority on transit. Our history dates back nearly a century to when our founder helped children get to school using a horse and wagon. We’ve grown and added products and services through the years, but we still approach each customer with a desire to provide personalized attention and support.

We specialize in all things transit, including transit products like coach and tour buses, as well as vehicle service. Our transit specialization also means ensuring Pennsylvania and surrounding states enjoy a fine selection of drivers who can safely and expertly handle these commercial vehicles. That’s why we serve as third-party facility for the PA CDL test. Being a commercial driver is a rewarding and satisfying job, but it’s one that demands skill, training and conscientiousness. That’s why we value our opportunity to work with the next generation of commercial drivers in Pennsylvania and beyond — drivers just like you.

Contact Rohrer Bus about CDL testing today.