Bus Transportation Services

School Districts

For nearly a century, the Rohrer family has been providing student transportation services for schools. Because of the great care that we have for every child that steps foot on our vehicles, Rohrer Bus has evolved into the successful school transportation company that it is today.

Bus Rentals

Do you have an upcoming special occasion that calls for a dependable bus? Rohrer Bus has the perfect solution. We have a fleet of vehicles at your disposal for an affordable charter to just about wherever, whenever you need it!

School Bus Rentals

Looking for transportation to deliver a large group without the big bill? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our school bus rentals, or “charters”, can accommodate groups of all sizes and are capable of getting you just about anywhere at any hour of the day.

Special Event Services

At Rohrer Bus, we understand that a special event should be exactly that, special. That is why each request we receive to provide event transportation is approached with the same care and attention that we have given to all of our customers for nearly 100 years.

Special Needs

We are the solution for all of your transportation needs. No matter what special accommodations are required, Rohrer Bus has safe, efficient, and reliable transportation available to you. We take great pride in our ability to provide the best special needs transportation you can get!

CDL Testing & Training

Rohrer Bus is a certified, third party CDL testing facility for the state of Pennsylvania. We also offer CDL and school bus certification and training programs to ensure you are the best and safest driver you can possibly be!

Commitment to Safety

Since we started in business almost 100 years ago, Rohrer Bus has transcended our success by continually practicing one very important exercise: Safe transportation. And what is the secret to our success?

The Rohrer family started providing safe transportation to school children nearly a century ago. This laid the groundwork for Rohrer Bus to evolve into the successful company that it is today. Now, just as it was then, providing safe, efficient, and reliable bus transportation service is our company’s main priority. Since we have been in business, hundreds of thousands of students and other travelers have been transported safely and happily by our drivers. From special needs school bus rides to large group charters, Rohrer Bus can provide the best bus transportation services for you. Contact our friendly bus transportation professionals to arrange your services today.


Safe, Efficient, & Reliable Bus Transportation Service for Any Occasion


For almost 100 years, we have provided safe, efficient, and reliable bus transportation services for nearly every need you can think of. Although our primary business is the daily transportation of children to and from school, we have the expertise to charter athletic and field trips to special events like weddings and group trips. With hundreds of vehicles throughout Central Pennsylvania, we strive to be your preferred bus transportation service provider.


A Transportation Company You Can Depend On

Rohrer Bus is a company that provides the safest and most efficient transportation solutions available. We’re large enough to offer the best products and services in the industry, but small enough to provide all of our customers with the personalized attention they deserve. Partner with us to be your bus transportation service provider. Contact us to learn more about our bus transportation services!