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Rohrer Bus is your one-stop source for all of your Thomas Built Buses® needs. As one of the nation’s most respected Thomas Bus dealers, you can rest assured that you and your customers are in good hands. From buying a brand new bus to locating hard to find Thomas Bus parts on an old one, our friendly and experienced team of Thomas school bus experts care about getting you exactly what you need!


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Thomas Childcare Minotour Thomas Minotour Thomas C2 Commercial Thomas C2 School
TBB EFX Commercial TBB-EFX School TBB HDX Commercial TBB-HDX School
Thomas EFX Commercial Thomas EFX School Thomas HDX Commercial Thomas HDX School

Rohrer Bus and Thomas Built Buses®… A Natural Fit

It is no secret that a Thomas school bus is one of the safest, most reliable, and most efficient pieces of equipment on the road today. For almost 100 years, Thomas Built Buses® has lived up to this reputation with each bus that it builds. It is no coincidence that Rohrer Bus has lived up to that same reputation as an operating company for nearly the same length of time. Now as one of the most valued Thomas Bus dealers out there, we deliver safety, reliability, and efficiency in every school bus sale. The bottom line is, we care about the safety and comfort of the children who ride our buses… and it shows!


An Inventory of Thomas Built Buses® in All Models and Sizes

As a large Thomas bus dealer, Rohrer Bus always has vehicles in stock that can meet your needs. No matter what type you are looking for, we have a Thomas school bus that works for you. Our inventory consists of new and pre-owned buses, with many different sizes and configurations available. Whether your needs call for a compact, maneuverable vehicle like the Minotour® , a “conventional” and economical bus like the state-of-the-art Saf-T-Liner C2®, or a full-size bus with 90-passenger capabilities like the rear-engine Saf-T-Liner HDX®, you’re sure to get a safe, reliable vehicle that will minimize your lifecycle costs. And if we don’t have a Thomas bus on our lot that fits your needs, we will have one built specifically for you. Contact Rohrer Bus to learn more about our complete selection of quality new and pre-owned school buses for sale!

A Transportation Company You Can Depend On.

Rohrer Bus is a Thomas Bus dealer and bus operating company that provides the safest and most efficient transportation solutions available. We’re large enough to offer the best products and services in the industry, but small enough to provide all of our customers with the personalized attention they deserve. If we don’t have a Thomas Built Bus that fits your needs, we have the resources available to find it. Contact us to learn more about our complete selection of quality new and pre-owned school vehicles for sale!


Choose the Model That Meets Your Needs

Rohrer Bus offers a complete range of vans and buses varying from small passenger vans up to 90 passenger buses.

    • Thomas Childcare Minotour — When it comes to transporting your smallest passengers, there is no room to sacrifice safety or comfort. Rohrer Bus is proud to offer the Thomas school bus Minotour Childcare with all the peace of mind you need to rest at night, including a one-piece roof bow and 12-gauge steel wraparound bumper. You already know safety comes standard with every Thomas Built Bus. With the Minotour Childcare, you can get the safety you expect and the comfort your passengers deserve.
    • Thomas Minotour — The Minotour’s limited size enhances its maneuverability without sacrificing the strength and durability of larger models. At Thomas Built, safety is always the number-one priority, and the Minotour is no different. Meeting or exceeding all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for school buses, the Minotour is the comfortable, efficient option that keeps young passengers secure.
    • Thomas C2 Commercial — When your passengers expect a little something more, explore the Thomas C2 Commercial bus. Of course, the Thomas C2 Commercial bus is safe, but it’s also extremely versatile and incredibly reliable. You’ll love the coach seating, overhead roof racks, video system and darkly tinted windows. The C2 handles tight turns easily and is among the most driver-friendly Type C buses in the businesses. When it comes to innovation, the C2 is your choice.
    • Thomas C2 School — The C2 School bus is one of the most exciting innovations in education transportation. You already expect your Thomas Built Bus to be safe and reliable, but with the C2, you’ll also get superior maneuverability and visibility in the same driver-friendly package that the C2 Commercial offers. See the panoramic view, and discover the beauty of visibility with Rohrer Bus and school buses by Thomas!
    • Thomas EFX Commercial — If you need a Thomas bus that both passengers and drivers will love, the EFX Commercial is the trusted option. Up to 56 passengers ride in luxury, enjoying 78-inch headroom and optional LED lighting, air-ride suspensions and a variety of seating options. The EFX Commercial is easy to drive and maintain, too, thanks to enhanced visibility and easy access to the engine, fluids and belts.
    • Thomas EFX School — When schools need space, flexibility and safety, the EFX School is your perfect bus solution. Seating up to 90 passengers, the EFX School features a wide loading aisle, additional legroom and a variety of seating options. For enhanced safety, the EFX school includes 12-gauge steel rear corner posts and double-bolted body mounting clips.
    • Thomas HDX Commercial — Are you taking patrons on a tour of local sights or traveling across the country? Either way, the Thomas Built HDX Commercial is the vehicle for you. This comfortable bus offers a smooth and quiet ride, as well as a chassis that can manage any type of terrain. Underbody storage, coach seating, air conditioning and overhead racks make the HDX the premier choice for comfort. Because it’s made by Thomas Built Buses, it’s also the premier choice for safety.
    • Thomas HDX School — When your bus routes include hills and bumps — and short or long rides — turn to the HDX School. The HDX School keeps your kids and your driver comfortable with air conditioning, coach seating and a smooth ride. You’ll also appreciate that the HDX exceeds federal safety standards and seats up to 90 passengers comfortably.


Browse our inventory and find the perfect Thomas Built Bus for your needs.