Rear Engine Transit Buses for Sale


Articulated BusDo you need to transport a large number of passengers in a vehicle with superior maneuverability? If so, an rear engine transit  bus might be the right solution for you. At Rohrer Bus, we sell and service new and pre-owned rear engine transit buses from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Our inventory of buses and vans is one of the largest in the country, and our technicians are certified to maintain every vehicle on our 30,000 square foot lot.


Best of all, you’ll find the  buses we sell meet our strict standards for safety, reliability, durability, and comfort — and that’s why Rohrer Bus is the transportation company you can depend on.

Buses for Large Groups

At Rohrer Bus, we are proud to represent respected manufacturers of larger transit buses such as Champion Bus and Thomas Built Buses. The heavy duty transit bus is the ideal choice when you need to move a large number of passengers easily and efficiently. It’s also a great option that assures better fuel efficiency, improved accessibility, higher maximum speed, and superior maneuverability over other large-capacity transportation vehicles. Because we’re Rohrer Bus, we can also customize your vehicle with options such as ADA-compliant equipment, different seating configurations, energy-efficient engines, personalized signage, and more.

Find Your Bus in Our Huge Inventory

For nearly 100 years, Rohrer Bus has served businesses and communities with an outstanding selection of new and pre-owned buses. You’ll find a huge inventory of commuter buses, mass transit buses, school buses, motor coaches, and small and medium-sized shuttle buses and vans. We represent the most reputable manufacturers in the industry with buses that are safe, comfortable, and durable. That means your passengers can travel with less stress and less hassle.
If you need to finance your bus purchase, Rohrer Bus can help with that, too. Because we service every vehicle we sell, our ASE-certified technicians can keep your buses on the road and save you money in the long run.

Rohrer Bus Parts and Service

You already know that keeping a vehicle running safely and smoothly involves regular maintenance. When you purchase a preventative maintenance plan for Rohrer Bus, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the most value possible from your vehicle. You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing our trained technicians can repair your vehicle in the event a problem arises.
Rohrer Bus also performs warrantied engine repairs and inspections. With over 500 combined years of experience, our technicians know your vehicle inside and out. When it’s in for maintenance or repairs, we can provide you with a temporary replacement so you can keep your operation running continuously.

Call Rohrer Bus for Your Transportation Solution

Rohrer Bus is a leading name in our industry because we work to provide customers with the best transportation solutions. For more information about purchasing a bus, contact our team at 1-888-287-1538.