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Rohrer Bus is a full-service bus sales company offering a wide selection of new and pre-owned buses and vans. We have a long-standing reputation as a leading school bus and commercial vehicle company, as we’ve been providing safe and reliable passenger transportation solutions dating back to the early 1900’s.

Bus Inventory

Rohrer Bus has one of the most extensive inventories of buses and vans in the country. And at any given time, we have access to hundreds of vehicles available for sale. So, if the vehicle that best suits your needs isn’t on our lot, we likely know where to find it.

State & Federal Contracts

Rohrer Bus has multiple contracts with states and agencies throughout the mid-Atlantic region. We also have contracts with the federal government to provide specific types of equipment. Contact us today to learn more about which contracts your organization may qualify for.

Pre-Owned Buses

With one of the nation's largest inventories of used buses and vans, Rohrer Bus can help you find the exact equipment that you are looking for. Let our experienced sales team help you locate the bus or van that works best for you.

Financing Options

Passenger transportation equipment as safe, reliable, and durable as ours also comes with a cost. But, we don't want that expense to scare you away from making the necessary upgrades to your fleet. Contact our experienced sales staff to discuss our many financing options available to assist you in your purchase.

Credit Application

Ready to take the next step in equipment ownership? Just fill out our user-friendly credit application to get the process started. Our experienced sales and finance team will help you find the exact solution for you and your organization.

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In order to accurately process your paperwork, we need the essential information. Please fill out our user-friendly registration and invoicing information sheet to make sure your equipment is processed correctly.


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Rohrer Bus Sales

When you are searching to buy a bus for a transit system, school district, college, nursing home, or any other business, you need to find the one that best fits your needs. That is why Rohrer Bus has hundreds of new and pre-owned buses for sale, virtually covering any transportation need, no matter how large or small. We’re a fourth-generation family-owned business that has been providing safe and reliable transportation for almost 100 years, and we’ve worked hard to develop a long-standing reputation for delivering quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

School Bus Sales Professionals

 We started our business in the early 1900’s by providing transportation for children so they could get to and from school safely. As our business has expanded over the years, our ability to serve the needs of school districts and other educational institutions has grown exponentially.

Today, Rohrer Bus is the exclusive dealer of Thomas Built Buses® for much of Pennsylvania. Thomas is a leader in the global school bus industry and has been manufacturing passenger transportation vehicles for nearly a century. We’re proud to have been named the Thomas Bus Dealer of the Year for 2006. Our inventory of Thomas buses ranges from small school buses to much larger travel buses capable of carrying up to 90 passengers.


Contact Melinda Welsh at mwelsh@rohrerbus.com.


 Wide Range of Commercial Buses for Sale

 Certain businesses, school districts, and transit authorities have needs for safe and dependable transportation for employees, patients, or fare-paying passengers. Our extensive inventory of commercial buses for sale includes vehicles and vans in a wide range of sizes for all types of transportation applications. Choose from leading manufacturer names such as ARBOC, AutoAbility, Braun, Champion, Collins, ElDorado, Federal Coach, FR Conversion, General Coach, Goshen Coach, Hometown Trolley, Indbus, Krystal, MobilityTrans, Thomas Built Buses, World Trans. Wheelchair accessible vans are also available for safe and convenient transportation of handicapped and other special needs individuals. Rohrer Bus is proud to satisfy just about any commercial passenger bus or van need throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or anywhere else safe and efficient passenger transportation is needed!


Contact Kay Hornberger at khornberger@rohrerbus.com.


Our Brands

Rohrer Bus is proud to represent many of the premier manufacturers in the world. Whether you’re interested in a new or used bus for sale, Rohrer Bus has a vehicle that will meet your needs. Ask us about our huge inventory of buses for sale — if we don’t have what you need on our lot, we’ll get it. Buying at Rohrer Bus is easy because we sell vehicles for almost any transportation need.


The manufacturers we represent include:

  • Freightliner — Freightliner manufacturers durable and reliable vehicles that set the industry standard for comfort and safety. Freightliner buses deliver outstanding handling, braking and power, and they are completely customizable for your specific needs. Freightliner has a full line of buses and trucks, including those powered by alternative energy sources.
  • Thomas Built Buses — For almost 100 years, Thomas Built Buses have pioneered mass transit with a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled. You’ll find superior customer service, and detail-oriented safety and reliability features in every Thomas Built Bus. “Every mile matters” at Thomas Built Bus, which is why they are the school bus of choice for countless districts across the United States.
  • Champion Bus — When your transportation needs include small- and medium-duty passenger vans, but you have heavy-duty safety requirements, welcome to Champion Bus. Champion Bus makes reliable and comfortable executive shuttle buses, healthcare buses equipped with ADA-compliant equipment, transit buses, and buses designed for education and church needs. Quality, performance and peace of mind are what you’ll get when you purchase a Champion Bus.
  • Braun — If you plan to transport an individual or individuals with special needs, you’ll need NHTSA-approved safety equipment. Braun is a recognized industry leader in the design and manufacture of power ramps and lifts, as well as wheelchair-accessible vans and minivans, motorcoaches, school buses and paratransit buses. For over 50 years, loyal customers have turned to Braun for better personal mobility — now turn to Rohrer Bus for better transportation.
  • Used buses and vans — Rohrer Bus has a huge inventory of small, medium and large buses and vans for purchase. If you want a used vehicle that you cannot find on our lot, call us and ask about it — we may be able to get you the bus or van you want. We can also retrofit your bus with the accessibility equipment you need to transport all of your passengers with safety and comfort.

Numerous Financing Options Available

Rohrer Bus makes it easy for you to buy a bus thanks to our host of flexible financing programs. Available options include municipal financing, track leases, lease-to-own, and buy-back and skip-payment programs. Our strong partnerships with some of the biggest leaders in the bus industry can be an important asset in helping you obtain the financing plan that is right for your organization.


Discover Why We’re the Bus Sales Leader in Pennsylvania… and Beyond.

 At Rohrer Bus, we provide specialized solutions for all types of transportation needs including daycare vans, airport shuttles and more. Contact us to learn more about how our safe, efficient, and reliable buses can provide an effective transportation solution for your organization. Rohrer Bus: the transportation company you can depend on.


Rohrer Bus offers a complete range of vans and buses varying from small passenger vans up to 90 passenger buses. Rohrer is a full-service dealer with factory-trained, ASE certified technicians providing factory approved service and warranty repairs for the entire bus.


Get Value With a Quality Used Bus

Not only does Rohrer Bus carry an inventory of new buses and vans, we also offer a selection of used vehicles. These used buses and vans offer the same capacity and capability as new products, but they also offer value through reduced pricing.

Within our inventory, you’ll find lightly used models with fewer than 10,000 miles — buses and vans that look and run like new. Or, if you’re looking for something inexpensive or perfect for rugged use, we have older used buses and vans that deliver the same capabilities and value prices.

At Rohrer Bus, we know that different customers have different needs. This is why we always offer an extensive inventory of new and used buses and vans. If you have an idea of the vehicle you’re looking for — its type, brand, hauling capability, capacity, condition and price — we almost certainly have a product that makes a perfect match. Our entire selection is searchable online. When looking for a used bus for sale, simply filter for the characteristics you desire most and look through high-quality options for the vehicle that best meets your needs.

Find Used Buses From Top Brands

Don’t get stuck with a lemon when you buy a bus. At Rohrer Bus, we offer new and used vans and busses for sale that are manufactured by top brands, including Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, Thomas Built, Chevrolet, Mobility Ventures, International, Blue Bird, GMC and Lincoln. By offering quality vehicles made by trusted brands, we ensure you get a bus or van that performs over the long-term — no breaking down or sputtering just weeks after your purchase.

We know different customers have different needs, which is why we carry a variety of busses and vans from these top-quality manufacturers. Our selection includes something for almost any transportation need. By carrying vehicles that feature a variety of capacities and capabilities, we can provide specialized solutions for you.

Are you working on a budget? Our used bus options allow you to access greater value by selecting a lightly used option. No matter your selection, you can always depend on safety, efficiency and performance when you choose Rohrer Bus. When you’re searching for busses for sale, Rohrer Bus is your local source that provides personalized service and big-time selection.
Browse our inventory and find the bus that perfectly meets your needs.